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Compact Performance


Safety valves for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries that meet all the relevant standards and ​regulations such as DIN 11866 or ASME BPE


– DN 25 – DN 100 / 1″ – 4″


Stainless steel 1.4404 / 316L, 1.4435 / 316L and special

Minimum dead space design and flush-mounting capability

Soft seat (FDA compliant elastomers) for superior tightness

Gap and crevice free design of internals

Elastomer bellows for protection of the hard to clean parts

Surface grades according to ASME BPE-2002 and DIN 11866

 Single trim for steam, gas and liquid


– Thermal relief, Technical gases and CO2 plants

– LPG/LNG terminals, carriers etc.
– Chemical equipment and piping, Air/Gas Compressors and pumps Cryogenic systems and oxygene


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PDF download